The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has sued to regain possession of Mary Pickford’s Oscars. The Academy sued the Estate of Beverly Lorraine Rogers, who acquired the statuettes from her husband, Charles “Buddy” Rogers, who was formerly married to Pickford. The Academy claims it gets right of first refusal to the Oscars, in Los Angeles Superior Court.


    Virgin Records cheated him of royalties, John Oswald pka Jani Lane fka Dick Dragon Music claims in Los Angeles Superior Court.


    Carl Bachellier claims Freemantle Media ripped off his idea for a “reality” TV show called “American Inventor,” in Los Angeles Federal Court.




    The United States claims Ven-A-Care of the Florida Keys and Abbott Laboratories defrauded Medicaid for years by inflating prices for pharmaceuticals, often by 100 percent.


    H&M Military Supplies has been sued in San Diego Superior Court, Vista, by a man who says the store refused to serve him when he asked for a dog tag that identified him as a Buddhist, because the store “did not make dog tags for Buddhists.”


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