Art Group to Rebuild Berlin Wall in German Capital

In this Nov. 14, 1989 photo two East German border guards patrolled atop of Berlin Wall with the illuminated Brandenburg Gate in background, in Berlin. (AP Photo/Jockel Finck, file)

BERLIN (AP) — The German capital is getting its infamous Berlin Wall back — at least for four weeks.

A group of artists said Tuesday they’re planning to build a facsimile of the wall around a downtown Berlin block in mid-October.

Visitors of the art installation need to buy “visas” online for 15 euros ($17.50.) When entering the walled area, they’ll have to exchange their cell phones for a smart phone which will provide instructions for a tour including documentaries, exhibits and concerts.

The wall will be torn down on Nov. 9 — 29 years after the original Berlin Wall, which divided the city from 1961 to 1989, came down.

The artists are still waiting for the final OK from the city’s authorities for their project.

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