Aroma Cubes Exploded

(CN) – New Age “aroma therapy cubes” exploded in water, sending a woman to the hospital, “and plastic surgery is anticipated,” the woman claims. She sued Bath & Body Works and Limited Brands Stores, saying she was using the cubes as instructed.

     Krista Morales says she was using the aroma therapy cubes “in accordance with packaging instructions, by floating them on water in a bowl on her lap.” But to her surprise, she says, the “aroma therapy cubes exploded, causing water and residue … to fall onto her skin, which resulted in severe burns and permanent scarring. Krista Morales sought immediate emergency care for said burns, her medical care has continued to the present time, and plastic surgery is anticipated.”
     She seeks damages for pain and suffering and her husband seeks damages for loss of consortium. They are represented in Broward County Court, Fort Lauderdale, by Marcelle Poirier of Miami.

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