Arkansas Man to Pay for Giving Ex-Wife an STD

     (CN) – An Arkansas man must pay his ex-wife alimony for infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease, the Arkansas Court of Appeals ruled.

     Ronnie Pearce appealed his divorce judgment, which awarded Glynda Pearce $250 per month to cover the costs of medication used to treat the STD Ronnie “gave her in 1988 as a result of a previous extramarital affair,” the ruling states.
     The couple divorced after a 24-year marriage.     
     The appeals court upheld the alimony payment, saying it is not based on fault, but on Glynda’s medical expenses, as she has taken medication since 1988 and must continue to do so for the rest of her life.
     “The fact that those expenses are necessitated by (Ronnie’s) giving (Glynda) an STD does not make the award a fault-based decision,” Judge Karen Baker wrote.
     Baker also upheld the court’s recognition of a quit-claim deed that Ronnie signed to Glynda after be begged her not to divorce him in 2006.
     “The circuit court reviewed the evidence and determined that a gift had been made from (Ronnie) to (Glynda),” Baker wrote. “The court made no finding regarding the dominance of appellee over appellant. Instead, the court found the transfer was valid, and we agree.”

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