Argosy U Lied to Them, 15 Students Say

DALLAS (CN) – Fifteen psychology students at Argosy University say the school failed to get its American Psychological Association accreditation in time for their graduation. Students at the Dallas school say Argosy promised “that the program was in the process of obtaining APA accreditation,” but say Argosy never took even the “initial steps to apply for accreditation.”

     The students say they can’t transfer their course credits to other, accredited Argosy schools located around the nation since “the Dallas program was unaccredited.”
     In their complaint in Dallas County Court, the students say a newsletter published in November 200, called “the school’s lack of progress” toward accreditation “rumors.”
     They say the school promised they “would be ‘grandfathered’ and considered to have graduated from an APA-accredited program” because the APA was scheduled to perform a site visit during their enrollment.
     But the students say that by the spring of 2008 it became apparent that the school had not taken appropriate steps to get its APA accreditation, and the site visit never happened making the “grandfathered” option impossible.
     The students seek damages for fraud and deceptive trade. They are represented by Julie Johnson with Van Wey Johnson.

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