Anti-Semite Gets|His Days in Court

     OLATHE, Kan. (CN) – A white racist accused of murdering three people at a Jewish community center asked a judge to acquit him Wednesday, calling the anti-Semitic killings “homicide by necessity.”
     F. Glenn Miller, 74, goes to trial in August for the April 13, 2014 shooting deaths of William Corporon, 69, and his 14-year-old grandson, Reat Underwood, outside the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kan. Miller also is accused of killing Terri LaManno, 53, outside the Village Shalom care center that day.
     Miller, aka Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., is a former KKK member who said he felt it was his duty to kill Jews before he died.
     But all of his victims were Christian.
     A judge allowed Miller to represent himself in the capital murder trial after Miller fought to fire his attorneys, who are allowed to assist with his defense but not to speak in court.
     At a pretrial hearing Wednesday on motions to suppress witness testimony identifying Miller as the shooter, prosecutors presented 10 witnesses and played 911 calls from the day of the shootings.
     Miller was allowed to cross-examine witnesses.
     “Are you a Jew?” Miller asked witnesses repeatedly, though the judge sustained prosecutors’ objections to the questions.
     One witness, Maggie Hunker, testified that she saw Miller gun down a victim in a parking lot before he turned the gun on her, and asked if she was a Jew. When she told him no, she said, Miller drove away.
     On cross-examination, Miller asked her whether she’d been honest with him that day.
     “Yes,” she replied.
     Miller said: “I’m glad I didn’t shoot you.”
     “Me too,” she answered. “Thank you.”
     After a brief recess, Miller flagged down reporters in the courtroom, waving and handing out copies of his newly typed – but not yet filed – motion for acquittal.
     Miller’s rambling, 5-page motion is a diatribe on why Jews are responsible for white people’s “accelerating demise from the earth.” The motion, which begins with the statement, “The white race is dying out” and ends with “Heil Hitler!!!” asks the court to dismiss all charges against him.
     “It was homicide by necessity,” Miller wrote. “I was compelled by necessity to strike at what I perceived to be an intolerable public threat to my people, knowing what I know about the jews [sic].”
     Miller’s courtroom outbursts over the past year have included arguing with his attorneys, shouting racial and anti-Semitic epithets at spectators and upbraiding Johnson County Judge Kelly Ryan for not allowing him to speak in court about Internet access.
     In his motion for acquittal, Miller chastised Ryan again, urging the judge to “Google any or all of my charges against the jews [sic] for proof and enlightenment.” Miller also suggested the judge should order an investigation, using “patriotic, honest Kansans as investigators.”
     “You’ll feel good about yourself now, and especially on your death bed, rather than die knowing you were an accomplice of the jews and a traitor to your people,” the motion states. “Think about that.”
     Miller’s trial for capital murder and five other felony counts is scheduled to begin Aug. 17.

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