Anti-Gay Marriage Group Must Fork Over Donor Info

     (CN) – The National Organization for Marriage must hand over its donor information to the state of Massachusetts, the 1st Circuit ruled.

     The anti-gay marriage group gave nearly $2 million in an unsuccessful bid to overturn Maine’s gay marriage law. The state Ethics Commission is investigating the organization after accusations arouse that it failed to comply with Massachusetts financial disclosure laws.
     The organization has since challenged the laws as unconstitutional.
     “The materials in question have the potential to be highly relevant” to the issue of whether the group has “as one of its primary purposes the influencing of ballot questions and/or candidate elections,” the circuit wrote. “We see no less restrictive means … to probe the issue than by reviewing the materials under the auspices of the strict protective order to which (the group) have consented.”
     The decision affirms a February 2010 order to turn over the financial documents.

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