Another Sex Assault|Alleged at KBR Overseas

     HOUSTON (CN) – Another woman has sued Kellogg, Brown and Root, claiming she was sexually assaulted while working in Afghanistan, and was fired after she reported it. And she claims that KBR had the brass to accuse her of “creating a hostile work environment” by reporting a sexual assault on another woman in the workplace.

     In her federal complaint, the plaintiff, S.T., says she started working for KBR as a logistics warehouseman in November 2008 at the Jalalabad Base in Afghanistan, then was transferred to Kandahar Base.
     After she reported that her supervisor was “discriminating against foreign employees and minorities and was forcing employees participate in illegal activities” her boss tried to increase her workload, she says.
     She was transferred to Bagram Airfield, and worked in the laundry department, she says. A co-worker there reported that she had been sexually assaulted by an Afghan local working for KBR, and S.T. provided a written statement confirming the assault, according to the complaint.
     “Despite plaintiff’s complaints, no action was taken,” she says. “Instead, KBR and its employees falsely alleged that plaintiff was creating a hostile work environment.”
     Then, S.T. says, KBR employee Juan Elias, a defendant, came up behind her while she was alone in the break room, pushed her face down into a table with one arm and reached up and grabbed her vagina with his other hand.
     She says she filed a complaint with the EEOC and informed KBR of the assault and the complaint, and she was fired less than a month later.
     She demands damages from KBR, from Service Employees International, and Elias, alleging retaliation, negligence, assault and battery, sexual assault, negligent hiring, direct corporate liability and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     She is represented by Todd Slobin.

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