Another Pastry War

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Johnny Cupcakes claims Adjmi Apparel and Run Athletics International and Pastry’s “Make Pastry Not War” T-shirts violate its “Make Cupcakes Not War” copyrighted design.

     The original Pastry War, between Mexico and France in 1838-1839, began when a French baker in Mexico claimed his bakery had been looted 10 years previously. France demanded 600,000 pesos in damages – more than 2,000 years pay for an average worker – and invaded when Mexico refused.
     The war was notable for Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana’s losing half of one leg to amputation after a gunshot wound. Santa Ana’s deft exploitation of his wound catapulted him back to national power – one of several political revivals for a man who was counted out, and came back, more often than would Richard Nixon.
     During one of his presidencies, Santa Ana had his leg dug up and ceremonially reburied.
     Santa Ana – who led Mexican forces at the Battle of the Alamo – is a villain in the United States, but a hero in Mexico, despite the fact that he lost about half the national territory to the United States after the war for Texas.
     That was the original Pastry War. Johnny Cupcakes’ lawsuit in Federal Court is more of a skirmish.

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