Another Lawsuit Against ‘Jersey Shore’ Guy

MIAMI (CN) – A cast member of “Jersey Shore” has been sued for the second time in a month, bringing to nine the number of lawsuits the “reality” show’s cast members and producers have faced in the past 2 years.
In the latest complaint, Dilligaf USA, a clothier, claims Michael Sorrentino blew off his promise to wear and promote Dilligaf clothes, in defiance of a 2010 agreement.
Dilligaf claims Sorrentino failed to show up at photo shoots, and violated the agreement by signing similar contracts with competing clothiers.
Sorrentino was used on July 7 in New York County Court by Gotham NYC Entertainment, a management company that claims he fired it without cause after it helped him get the TV gig.
In the most recent case, Dilligaf sued Sorrentino and MPS Entertainment for breach of contract in Miami-Dade County Court.
Sorrentino goes by the name “The Situation” on the TV show.
Dilligaf claims that “Sorrentino represented to Dilligaf that he has trademarked the name ‘Situation,’ and that he will permit Dilligaf to use his trademark to promote and market the joint product line.”
It adds that “The terms of the agreement required Sorrentino and MPS to promote the joint products manufactured and produced by Dilligaf. The agreement also precludes Sorrentino and MPS from entering into marketing and promotional agreements with others who sell similar products.”
Dilligaf seeks damages for the cost of making and promoting the “Situation” clothing line, and lost profits.
It is represented by Ravi Batta.

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