Another Death Claim Against Mercenaries

WASHINGTON (CN) – U.S. mercenaries killed an unarmed woman when they shot up a car full of people returning from church in Baghdad, the dead woman’s father claims in Superior Court. He says the Unity Resources Group convoy “sped off like gangsters” after shooting his daughter in the head.

     Jalal Askander says the mercenaries killed his daughter, Genevia Jala Antranick, on Oct. 9, 2007 at 1:45 p.m. She was a passenger in the car that was crossing a busy intersection in Baghdad when Unity mercenaries shot it up with “thirty to forty bullets” from 75 yards away.
     Askander sued Unity and the Research Triangle Institute, which hired Unity for its security services, for wrongful death, assault and negligent hiring.
     Askander says an Iraqi policeman “stated that the armored convoy sped off ‘like gangsters’ after the shooting, leaving Ms. Antranick … to die.”
     Askander’s complaint is the latest account that accuses U.S.-hired mercenaries of wreaking senseless violence and lawlessness upon Iraq.
     “This incident is part of a widespread pattern of unjustified murders in Iraq, perpetrated by defendants and other private security contractors, and those they protect in Iraq,” according to the complaint.
     Askander says Unity alone “was involved in 38 previous shooting incidents in Iraq while protecting Defendant RTI during a two-year period of about 2006-2007. The total number of shooting incidents in which Unity has been involved is unknown.”
     He seeks punitive damages for wrongful death, negligence and loss of consortium. He is represented by Paul Wolf.

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