Animal Abuser|Can’t Regain Kids

     (CN) – A Tennessee man was properly stripped of his parental rights after evidence showed that he abused animals in front of his children, the Tennessee Court of Appeals ruled.

     The Department of Children’s Services was granted temporary custody of the couple’s three children after six cases involving the family. The parents pleaded guilty to child abuse and neglect.
     The parents were asked to work on their issues before regaining custody. The issues included anger, frustration, the mother’s medical needs, and establishment of a clean and stable home.
     These efforts were unsuccessful, as the trial court found they did not comply with the permanency plan. Judge Dinkins ruled that the court made the right decision.
     “The court found that two of the children suffered from severe child abuse from Father’s torturing, killing, and drinking the blood of gerbils in the children’s presence. The trial court determined that termination of parents’ rights is in the best interest of the children,” Dinkins wrote.

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