And Stay Out!

     (CN) – A 90-year-old man who shot Jews in World War II while working for a Nazi-sympathizing police force will be deported from Detroit, an immigration panel affirmed Tuesday.
     John Kalymon, who also goes by Ivan, voluntarily served two years as a Ukrainian Auxiliary Police officer in the Nazi-occupied city of L’viv, an immigration judge found.
     Evidence at the trial included an Aug. 14, 1942, report, handwritten by Kalymon, in which he informed supervisors that he personally killed one Jew and wounded another that day.
     Kalymon has reportedly insisted that he did not shoot anybody, and that his job primarily involved guarding coal from looters. He says he concealed his service in the Ukrainian police force on applications for an immigration visa to avoid being sent to the Soviet Union.
     “I love this country because it’s my country. I’m going to die here,” he told the Associated Press in 2009. “They want to remove me, an old man. I never was arrested, pay my taxes. I don’t know anyone as honest as me.”
     The Justice Department says Kalymon immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1949 and became a U.S. citizen in 1955.
     A federal judge revoked that citizenship, following a trial, in 2007. Kalymon had reportedly worked as an auto engineer in the Detroit area.
     Immigration Judge Elizabeth Hacker, who authored the removal order on Jan. 31, considered surviving records from the Ukrainian police to establish that Kalymon’s duties included helping the Germans round up Jews and send them to death camps.
     The judge ordered Kalymon to be deported to “Germany, Ukraine, Poland or any other country that will admit him.”
     Kalymon sought review of the deportation order, but the Board of Immigration Appeals said the government showed by “clear and convincing evidence” that Kalymon’s actions in the 1940s warranted deportation.

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