Amgen Fired Her For Refusing To Violate|Ethics Guidelines, Grant Administrator Says

     VENTURA, CALIF. (CN) – Amgen’s associate director of medical education claims the company fired her for refusing to comply with a vice president’s demand to truckle to a doctor who prescribed a lot of an Amgen drug.

     Sharon Gennick says she administered Amgen’s grant program under federal guidelines. She says she and two associates rejected a physician’s request for funding for lupus research, because the budget was supposed to be used for rheumatoid arthritis research.
     She claims Amgen Vice President Laura Hamil repeatedly demanded that the funding request be approved “because the doctor who had requested it was one of the biggest prescribers of one of Defendant Employer’s products and that his wife had lupus.
     Gennick says she refused to fund the request because it would violate FDA guidelines and would be unethical, so Amgen fired her.
     She demands lost wages and benefits and punitive damages.
     She is represented in Superior Court by Stephan Math of Moorpark.

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