‘Always Sunny’ Stars Face Dog-Bite Claims

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A dog owned by “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” stars Kaitlin Olson and Robert McElhenney mauled a toddler’s face at a Father’s Day gathering two years ago, the parents claim in court.
     Julie and Ernest Delagarde sued Olson and McElhenney in Superior Court for negligent infliction of emotional distress.
     They claim that Olson’s German shepherd bit their 19-month daughter, Zephyra, during a Father’s Day celebration at the actors’ home two years ago.
     According to the Delagardes, Olson allowed the dog to roam around the backyard without a leash, even after Ernest Delagarde expressed his discomfort and warned his daughter not to play with the dog.
     “Defendant Olson smiled and seemingly understood what he said, but she continued to allow the dog off-leash in the midst of the party guests and children,” the 5-page complaint states.
     Not long after, the dog “without provocation” bit the 19-month old on the face, the Delagardes claim.
     “Julie Delagarde quickly turned to see the dog on its haunches over her daughter, who was now laying on her back with spatters of blood on her face,” the lawsuit states.
     “Julie Delagarde pulled the dog off of her daughter, who was screaming and crying, and picked her up immediately,” the complaint continues. “The area next to Zephyr’s mouth including part of her cheek was hanging off with all the insides of her face exposed and blood streaming everywhere.
     “Zephyra began screaming and crying in pain, and plaintiff Julie Delagarde screamed for help in the middle of this Father’s Day barbecue.”
     The parents say Zephyra will have to wait until her teens to have surgery to remove the scar.
     The parents seek general and special damages and costs.
     They are represented by John Phillips with Phillips & Associates of Solana Beach.

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