Alleged Terror Threat Dismissed for Good

     EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (CN) – The Illinois Supreme Court rejected without comment an appeal from prosecutors trying to restore a jury verdict against a former SIU-Edwardsville student accused of making terrorist threats.
     Olutosin Oduwole, now 27, was released in March after a judge found there was not enough evidence to support his 2011 conviction.
     The state Supreme Court’s ruling Wednesday closed the door on the appeal from the Illinois attorney general.
     Southern Illinois University campus police found a note in Oduwole’s abandoned vehicle in 2007 that they believed contained a threatening message. The note, found months after the Virginia Tech shooting rampage, stated that a Virginia Tech-like shooting spree would take place unless $50,000 was deposited into a Pay Pal account.
     Oduwole claimed to be an aspiring rap artist and said the message was simply lyrics to a song. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2011.

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