Alleged Hit Target Demands Damages

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – A businessman claims his former business partner twice put a hit on his life when a deal between the parties went sour.

     Kenneth Bracken says that he and Attila Gyurko joined forces to run a motel and single-family residences.
     But Gyurko wanted to re-work the deal, and Bracken says he refused. That’s when Gyurko put a hit on his life, Bracken claims in Clark County Court.
     The first attempt failed when, after receiving partial payment, the hired hit men failed to follow through with the plan, the lawsuit claims.
     Bracken says Gyurko then hired more people to carry out his plan, but they tipped off Las Vegas Metropolitan Police about the murder-for-hire plot.
     Detectives then staged Bracken’s murder “to look like Bracken was killed in a violent and painful manner … to satisfy Gyurko,” the lawsuit states. Photos of the staged murder were taken and delivered to Gyurko, who then paid the balance of the money due for the hit.
     Gyurko was arrested and charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit murder. He ended up pleading guilty to the lesser offense of criminal conduct.
     Bracken seeks damages for physical and emotional pain and suffering stemming from the ordeal. He is represented by Barney Ales of Goold Patterson Ales & Day.

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