Alcohol Check Device Nearly Killed Her, Woman Says

     NEW ORLEANS (CN) – A woman says LifeSafer Interlock’s car-starting device was so defective she had to blow into it repeatedly while driving, and it eventually failed so badly it made the car flip, nearly killing her. Loretta Cooper says she had to blow into LifeSafer’s interlock device “deeply and repeatedly” while driving, or it would beep, “her lights would begin to flash, and the beeping would continue and the car was difficult to operate safely.”

     In response to her complaints, Cooper says, co-defendant Superior Interlock Services “took no action to inspect, calibrate, adjust or repair the ignition interlock device.”
     As a result, she says, while driving down Highway 25 in Louisiana a year ago, she had to blow into the darn thing to make it stop beeping, and “due to the defective, improperly installed interlock device, her car went off the road and flipped over. As a result of the accident, Mrs. Cooper and the interlock device, which was in her hand, were ejected from the vehicle.”
     Cooper says her injuries left her unable to walk and she needed multiple surgeries. She says the device was dangerously defective and improperly installed. She estimates the damages she already has suffered are more than $6 million.
     She and her husband are represented in Federal Court by Gary Gambel.

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