Alaskan Claims Palin Tried to ‘Silence’ Him

JUNEAU (CN) – A man who claims Sarah Palin used state resources to “embarrass, discredit and silence” him with “complete fabrications” when she was governor, because he complained about traffic problems near the Governor’s Mansion, has removed his complaint to Federal Court.

     Theodore Thoma sued Palin in Juneau Superior Court on April 26; his attorney asked that the case be removed to Federal Court on Monday, claiming that it raises a constitutional question.
     Thoma claims that before she resigned her office, Palin retaliated against him because he “made contact with an agency of the State of Alaska and proposed state action to resolve perceived traffic problems” in the neighborhood of the Governor’s Mansion. Thomas says he “also provided suggestions to alleviate the problems.”
     “Plaintiff also made signs and fliers which he posted and passed out, addressing the same traffic issue,” according to the April 26 complaint in Superior Court.
     Thoma says he contacted the state about the traffic problem on April 23, 2009. Palin resigned 3 months later.
     In response, Thoma says, Palin, “in conspiracy with others, undertook a campaign against plaintiff. In some cases twisting plaintiff’s words, and in others concocting complete fabrications, plaintiff [sic] set about to punish, embarrass, discredit and silence plaintiff and others whom she perceived as speaking out against her,” the complaint states.
     Thoma accuses Palin of “a. Utilizing resources and personnel of the State of Alaska to create fabrications as to plaintiff’s words and actions;
     “b. Disseminating false information about plaintiff from offices of the State of Alaska through the public media and through other channels; [and]
     “c. Conspiring with persons and entities outside of the State of Alaska to push the same fabrications about plaintiff”.
     He says all of this was “motivated by the personal desire of defendant to discriminate against plaintiff and cause him harm, with knowledge that these actions would have that effect.”
     Thoma seeks punitive damages, alleging for malicious violation of his constitutional rights and conspiracy. He is represented by James McGowan of Sitka.

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