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Friday, May 24, 2024 | Back issues
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Alarming Complaints|of Sexual Harassment

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (CN) - One of two employees who sued a county jail director for "outrageous" sexual harassment claims in Federal Court that he forced her to give him oral sex and she had to bite his penis to escape.

The two women sued Tuscaloosa County and Tuscaloosa County Community Corrections Director Daniel Louis Boisot, individually and in his official capacity.

The women say that Boisot "groped, assaulted, intimidated, harassed, threatened, and exposed his genitals" to them at work.

April Boatner, a secretary, and Cheryl Skelton, a corrections officer, claim that Boisot's harassment was intense and continuous.

"Defendant Boisot used his position as supervisor to continuously sexually harass and assault Ms. Boatner, the complaint states. "Defendant Boisot groped, assaulted, intimidated, harassed, threatened, and exposed his genitals to Ms. Boatner. Because of Boisot's size and strength, Boisot was able to force himself upon Ms. Boatner and forcibly place her hands on his penis. Ms. Boatner at all times expressed outrage at Boisot's conduct and repeatedly rejected his advances."

Boatner, who cut hair before she worked for the corrections department, claims that Boisot insisted that she give him a haircut in his office. She says she asked plaintiff Skelton to go with her "because she did not feel safe alone with Boisot."

The complaint states: "When the haircut was finished, Boisot told Mrs. Skelton to leave his office and close the door. Boisot insisted on paying for the haircut but Ms. Boatner responded that it was unnecessary. Boisot replied, 'If I go to the mall to cut my hair, I would need to pay.' Boisot then grabbed her, pulled her down, and said, 'I'm going to pay you with this.' Boisot held Ms. Boatner down and forced her to straddle him. Ms. Boatner pulled away and then Boisot snatched her and picked her up. Boisot unzipped his pants and exposed himself to Ms. Boatner. Boisot exclaimed, 'This is what you do to me [referring to his penis].' Boisot was attempting to get Ms. Boatner to perform oral sex upon him. Ms. Boatner was shocked and cried, 'Oh my god, I don't know what to say.' Boisot countered, 'You don't have to say anything. I just want you to know what you will do to me.'" (Brackets in complaint.)

Boatner says Boisot assaulted her again in his office later that day, grabbing her breasts and forcing her hand onto his clothed penis.

The complaint states: "Approximately a week later, Boisot again called Ms. Boatner into his office to discuss work. As she entered his office, Boisot placed his hand over her mouth so she could not scream. Boisot ordered her not to do anything and asked, 'Tell me if you like this.' Boist held her against her will, put his hands down her pants, and began inserting his fingers into her vagina. Ms. Boatner was terrified and could not move. Ms. Boatner could not scream and began to cry. Once Boisot stopped, he licked his fingers and stated, 'If you didn't like it you would not be wet.' Ms. Boatner fixed her underwear and escaped Boisot's office. Throughout the day, Boisot continually called Ms. Boatner saying that he had not washed his hand."

Boatner says that after she repeatedly rejected Boisot's advances, her hours were cut in half and then she was fired.


"Boisot had never reprimanded Ms. Boatner for work place performance. Ms. Boatner believes she was terminated for her refusal to enter Boisot's office," the complaint states.

Skelton's complaints are just as lurid. Skelton, who is married, claims that "Boisot attempted to bribe Mrs. Skelton by soliciting sexual favors for raises and promotions. Boisot told her that she would be the next director at TCCC after he left. ... Even after declining, Boisot would consistently solicit Mrs. Skelton for sexual favors. Based upon information and belief, Mrs. Skelton learned that Boisot was making the same promises to other female employees."

She adds that "Boisot made lewd remarks, groped Mrs. Skelton's breasts and butt, and even placed Mrs. Skelton's hand over his clothed penis. He asked Mrs. Skelton, 'Do you want to suck my dick?'"

The complaint continues: "During work-related trips to Montgomery, Boisot would continuously place his hands on Mrs. Skelton's legs and knees. Mrs. Skelton told him to stop, but he continued to touch her. As time progressed, Boisot's conduct became more brazen. After these trips, when they were both at the office, Boisot called Mrs. Skelton over to the computer and asked to speak with her about work. When Mrs. Skelton approached him, Boisot was totally nude from the waist down and masturbating. Mrs. Skelton immediately left.

"Shortly after displaying his nude body to Mrs. Skelton, Boisot called Mrs. Skelton into his office to discuss work. As he was talking, Boisot began rubbing and touching his penis (over his pants) in a very sexual manner. Mrs. Skelton told him that she needed to leave and Boisot said no. Mrs. Skelton sternly replied, 'I do not feel comfortable with what you're doing. You are masturbating right in front of me.' Boisot began to yell and stated, 'I don't care what I'm doing. I'm ordering you to stay here!' Boisot continually touched himself as he discussed work. About fifteen minutes later, Boisot ejaculated in his pants. He then unzipped his pants and said, 'See, this is what I have an extra pair of pants in here.' Mrs. Skelton again requested to leave and Boisot obliged."

Skelton then describes an incident in which Boisot cornered and groped her in his office again. On yet another occasion, she says, Boisot called her into his office and said, "'Show me one of your titties.'"

The complaint continues: "Mrs. Skelton became nervous and thought they were going to discuss her new title. Boisot responded, 'I'll show you mine if you show me

yours.' Mrs. Skelton declined and Boisot stood up, unzipped his pants, and pulled

out his penis. He told Mrs. Skelton, 'Then you're going to suck my dick.' Mrs.

Skelton was frightened and attempted to escape the situation. To appease Boisot,

Mrs. Skelton offered to show him her breast. Boisot refused, grabbed her, and exclaimed, 'No, you are going to suck my dick.' Mrs. Skelton told him that if

Boisot forced her to suck his penis then she was going to bite it off. Boisot then forced her to show him her breast and he groped them while he masturbated. After

Boisot finished, Boisot allowed Mrs. Skelton to leave. On a similar occasion, after ejaculating, Boisot wiped his sperm on Mrs. Skelton's chest and asked her, 'Do

you like how it feels?'"

At about this time, Skelton says, Boisot forced her to attend "training sessions ... to prepare her for the new position as director."

The complaint continues: "During one of these training sessions, Boisot snatched Mrs. Skelton and attempted to force Mrs. Skelton to perform oral sex. Boisot unzipped his pants, grasped the back of Mrs. Skelton's head, and forced her head onto his exposed penis. In order to free herself, Mrs. Skelton bit Boisot's penis. Boisot was surprised and released the back of Mrs. Skelton's head. He then said, 'I'm going to play with myself while you sit there.' He forced Mrs. Skelton to take off her shirt and made her watch as he masturbated.

"On another occasion, Boisot again attempted to force Mrs. Skelton to perform oral sex on him. Again, he exposed himself and, with his strength, forced her face against his penis. Same as before Mrs. Skelton bit him and Boisot never attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him again.

"At other times, Boisot would force his hands down Mrs. Skelton's pants. Boisot referred to Mrs. Skelton's vagina as her 'pretty pretty.' On the first occasion, Mrs. Skelton struggled to ward him off but Boisot was able to touch her vagina. In order to stop Boisot from touching her vagina, Mrs. Skelton had to tell Boisot that she had an STD that would infect him, but this was not true. Mrs. Skelton showed him some medicine she was taking for oral herpes to prevent him from touching her vagina. Although Boisot attempted to touch her again, her warning thwarted Boisot from touching her vagina anymore."

Boatner and Skelton seek punitive damages for assault and battery, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, retaliation, outrage, emotional distress, negligent retention and supervision, false imprisonment, and privacy invasion.

They are represented by Charles Hardin.

The Tuscaloosa News reported in late September 2011 that Boisot had been arrested and charged with sodomy, sexual abuse and extortion.

"Boisot was indicted by a grand jury after an investigation by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. He faces two counts of sodomy, two counts of attempted sodomy, four counts of extortion, four counts of use of office for personal gain and 11 counts of sexual abuse," The Tuscaloosa News reported.

The newspaper said that three women sued Boisot for sexual harassment in 2003, but a judge found that two of the women's complaints did not qualify as sexual harassment, and the third woman decided not to pursue the case.

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