Agent Says Gershon|Didn’t Pay Commission

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Actress Gina Gershon failed to pay her agent for helping her land a role in last year’s Broadway production of “Boeing Boeing,” Fortitude LLC claims in Superior Court.
     Fortitude says it entered into an oral agreement with Gershon in December 2007. In exchange for its services as Gershon’s talent agency, the actress agreed to pay Fortitude a 10 percent commission, the lawsuit states.
     The agency says it helped Gershon land two movie roles in 2008, and received its 10 percent commissions.
     But Fortitude says it wasn’t paid for helping Gershon land the part in the play. Gershon fired Fortitude in April 2008, just before performances began, the lawsuit states.
     Gerson “purposefully and intentionally chooses to forget about those people who help her in her career,” according to the complaint.
     The agency is represented by Bryan Freedman with Freedman Taitelman.

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