Agency Updates|Federal Work Comp

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Department of Labor adopts as final, with changes, proposed revisions to the regulations for administering the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act.

     The act provides benefits to all civilian federal employees and certain other groups of employees and individuals injured or killed performing their jobs.
     Since many claimants are not represented, the regulations have been revised to include references to statutes. The regulations also add the skin as an organ, pursuant to the United States Code.
     Covered injuries specific to non-citizen non-resident federal employees outside the United States also are now included.
     Updates to the regulations take into account changes in technology and other changes meant to improve administrative efficiency, according to the revised rule.
     The revisions are effective Aug. 29, and the Labor Department has published the full regulations instead of just the revisions.
     Click the document icon for this regulation and others.

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