Agency Takes on Transfer of Pest Control Organisms

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is planning to add regulations on the movement of biological control organisms to its rules on the movement of plant pests.
APHIS intends to prepare an environmental impact statement, toward this end.
     The APHIS requests public comment to help identify alternatives and environmental issues that should be examined in the statement. The APHIS may choose to: 1) Take no action, which is the baseline for the environmental impact statement; 2) Revise requirements for movement of plant pests consistent with the scope of the Plant Protection Act, which would cover biological control organisms and associated articles. It also would change movement of soil regulations and establish regulations for biocontainment facilities; or 3) Implement a comprehensive risk reduction program. The agency prefers alternative 2.
     Click the document icon for this and other regulations.

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