Agency Proposes Import Permits for Live Dogs

     WASHINGTON (CN) – To help ensure humane treatment of imported dogs, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is planning to require that they are certified to be in good health with all necessary vaccinations, and at least 6 months old.
     The newly proposed rule would apply to live dogs from any part of the world imported into the continental United States or Hawaii for resale, research, or veterinary treatment. Import permits would have to specify each dog, and include contact information for the exporter and importer, among other things.
     Dogs that need veterinary care may, of course, have the malady for which they are being treated, but the importer would have to certify that the veterinary treatment is not available in the country the dog is coming from.
     Dogs intended for research would be excepted if the study for which they are imported requires imported dogs with certain health issues, or without certain vaccinations.
     Dogs younger than 6 months old may be imported to Hawaii from certain countries, because of the state’s strict quarantine laws. However, the dogs may not be transported to other states until they are 6 months old.
     Dogs seized for non-compliance would be adopted at the importer’s expense.
     Click the document icon for this regulation and others.

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