Adoption Agency Called A Brazen Fraud

     DETROIT (CN) – Six couples say Main Street Adoption Services, of Lancaster, Pa., took them for more than $250,000 and never delivered any of the babies they promised. Some plaintiffs say they flew to Guatemala, and were put off with lies and misrepresentations.

     The 12 plaintiffs – six couples – also sued Main Street CEO Nina Heller, director Bob McClenaghan, and agent Marcia Del Carpio. All of them misrepresent themselves as experts in international adoptions, the plaintiffs say.
Most of the plaintiffs say they contacted the defendants or were contacted by them defendants through the Web site
     They claim the defendants run Main Street as a “brazen criminal activity,” knowing they face “little to no threat of civil action by the adoptive parents because of the constant threat of the Defendant MS stopping any adoption that is currently in the system.”
     They accuse the defendants of fraud, extortion, soliciting bribery and RICO violations. They are represented in Federal Court by Joni Fixel of East Lansing.

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