Adaptive Marketing And Vertrue Inc.|Run Giant Internet Scam, Class Claims

     NEW HAVEN (CN) – Adaptive Marketing steals credit card information from the Internet and bills consumers for worthless “memberships” and “services” the victims never ordered, a class action claims in Federal Court. Plaintiffs claim Adaptive and its corporate parent, Vertrue Inc., are running “one of the largest unauthorized consumer billing operations in the United States.”

     Plaintiffs say the defendants typically steal $12.95 to $19.95 a month for worthless services that were not ordered. They allegedly do this “through the placement of Internet advertising on various legitimate, and illegitimate, Web sites. The advertisements purport to sell membership programs that provide discounts on various consumer goods and services. Because there is no legitimate demand for these membership programs, defendants’ Internet advertisements serve as a pretext for gaining access to consumers’ confidential financial information in order to charge unauthorized fees. … When consumers contact defendants to request that they remove and refund the unauthorized fees charged to their credit cards, they are given the runaround, and are unable to obtain refunds of the unauthorized charges.”
     Plaintiffs are represented by Jeffrey Carton of White Plains, N.Y.

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