Acupuncturists Sue Insurance Companies

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Acupuncturists and chiropractors claim that when they submit no-fault insurance claims for services to accident victims, State Farm and other insurers improperly have the medical professionals investigated by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and by their own investigators, with the intent to defraud the doctors, to “extort claimants into abandoning claims,” to force clients into lower settlements, and to increase insurers’ profits.

     This claim in New York County Court is 226 pages long.
     Here are the defendants: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company; Auto One Insurance Company; General Assurance Company; One Beacon Insurance Company; McDonnell & Adels PC; Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP; Rivkin Radler LLP; Iseman Cunningham Riester & Hyde LLP; National Insurance Crime Bureau; and Eric Dinallo, superintendent of insurance for the State of New York.
     Lead plaintiff Ava Acupuncture is represented by Raymond Zuppa of Brooklyn.

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