ACLU Demands NYPD Records On|Massive Lower Manhattan Spy Project

     MANHATTAN (CN) – The ACLU sued the New York Police Department on Monday, demanding information about its planned $100 million network of spy cameras in Lower Manhattan. The Lower Manhattan Security Initiative would “create a network of thousands of cameras to monitor and track vehicles and pedestrians in the area south of Canal Street … (and) allow the NYPD to create and maintain a database of the movement and whereabouts of millions of law-abiding New Yorkers,” the ACLU says in New York County Court.

     The ACLU says the NYPD responded to its FOIA request for documents on the project “by producing a single, one-page document.” After the ACLU appealed that response, the NYPD coughed up another 91 pages, “some of them redacted,” the ACLU says.
     The ACLU asks the court to order the NYPD to produce the information which, due to the size of the project, must run into hundreds or thousands of pages. Lead counsel for the ACLU is Christopher Dunn.

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