Abortion Protesters Can’t Block Handicapped Ramp

     (CN) – Abortion protesters can’t gather on the handicapped entrance ramp to a Planned Parenthood clinic, the 3rd Circuit ruled, because the protest would block access to the ramp.

     The three-judge panel in Philadelphia rejected the First Amendment claims of four Christians who were denied permission to protest on the handicapped ramp of the Planned Parenthood clinic in York, Pa. They said police chilled their speech by threatening to arrest them for trespass if they spoke to clients on the ramp.
     The protesters argued that part of the ramp is on a public right of way, so they should be allowed to stand there.
     Writing for the unanimous panel, Judge Sloviter said the ramp protest was unnecessary, because the plaintiffs “have the opportunity to stand immediately next to the ramp on the public sidewalk and communicate to those entering the facility.”

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