Abortion Foe’s Videos Under Wraps, for Now

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – In a terse order issued late Friday, a federal judge refused to alter a restraining order barring the release of secretly filmed videos gathered by an anti-abortion group during the National Abortion Federation’s annual meetings.
     The Center for Medical Progress had asked U.S. District Judge Orrick earlier this week to clarify the order, which prohibits it from “publishing or otherwise disclosing to any third party any video, audio, photographic, or recordings taken, or any confidential information learned, at any NAF meetings.”
     The National Abortion Federation filed a lawsuit in late July saying that CMP created a fake company called Biomax Procurement Services and signed confidentiality agreements agreeing not to film meetings or discussions at the federation’s headquarters.
     The CMP had previously distributed videos of Planned Parenthood employees discussing the sale of fetal body parts for medical research, with CMP members posing as members of a human biologics company.
     In its latest motion, the CMP said it should be allowed to provide the videos taken of the NAF in response to subpoenas from government officials conducting investigations related to the practices discussed in the videos – which involve using aborted fetuses for medical research.
     The injunction is in place until both parties present arguments at an Aug. 27 hearing. In his 1-page order, Orrick pointedly wrote that the CMP should stick to the already established briefing schedule.
     “If either party desires a different schedule, the parties should meet and confer regarding the briefing and hearing schedule and submit either a stipulation or administrative motion for an order shortening time,” Orrick wrote.
     Orrick also chastised the National Abortion Federation for not filing redacted versions of all the documents it wants under seal in response to CMP’s motion, writing, “Plaintiff did not file redacted versions of all of the documents that it seeks to file under seal, including defendants’ motion. If plaintiff fails to comply with the Local Rules by Aug. 18, 2015, I will deny the motion as to the documents that are not filed in compliance with the Local Rules.”

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