Abortion Clinic Shooter Unfit to Stand Trial

     DENVER (CN) — The man who shot and killed three and injured 12 in a shooting rampage at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs has to undergo mental health treatment before he can stand trial.
     Colorado Fourth Judicial District Chief Judge Gilbert Martinez found Robert Dear incompetent to stand trial Wednesday afternoon after several weeks of psychologist testimony. Three different specialists agreed that Dear suffered from a delusional disorder, and Dr. Thomas Gray told the court that he felt Dear was too delusional to actively work with his public defenders.
     NBC reported that Dear screamed “That’s called prejudiced, filthy animal!” as he was led out of court after the verdict was read.
     Dear, who has called himself a “warrior for the babies” and claims President Barack Obama is the Antichrist, has refused to cooperate with his public defenders since his arrest after the shooting on Nov. 27, 2015. He told CBS Denver in a phone call from El Paso County Jail that he felt his competency proceedings were an effort to “silence him forever” so he couldn’t continue publicly opposing abortion.
     Dear will now be sent to a psychiatric hospital in Pueblo for treatment. His mental health will be reviewed in August to see if his criminal trial can resume.

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