A Sad Dog Story|or a Happy One?

     MARSHALL, Texas (CN) – A woman sued a veterinarian, claiming he charged her $90 to euthanize her dog Chester, then fixed the dog up and sent him home with an employee.
     Janna Ardoin sued Dr. William Boyd D.V.M., Patchwork Pet Resort and Veterinary Clinic, and the co-owners of the clinic, Sam and Barbara Lundy, in Harrison County Court.
     Ardoin claims she took her pug Chester to the clinic, because an eye had come out of its socket and was dangling by a “single strand of skin.”
     She claims the vet’s office in Marshall said they could fix Chester for $380, euthanize him for $90, or send him home as is.
     Ardoin says she couldn’t afford the $380 up front, and the office refused her offer to pay in installments or with a postdated check. So, she says, “she was left with no choice but to pay the $90 for Chester to be euthanized.”
     After paying the money “and grieving for several week,” Ardoin says a friend told her “that Chester was alive and seen during a recent visit to Patchwork.”
     Sure enough, Ardoin says, she “confirmed on her own that Chester was never euthanized as she believed. In truth, defendants performed the surgery to repair Chester’s eye and then placed him in the home of … an employee”.
     She seeks damages and exemplary damages for breach of contract, conversion (of Chester), breach of fiduciary duty, and mental damages for egregious conduct.
     She is represented by Carl Roth.

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