A Few Questions

     I have a question.
     “In the 13th century villagers in the Paris region offered enormous sums to their landlords in return for ‘liberty’ charters that did away with the last vestiges of servitude; those at Orly offered 4,000 livres. It is doubtful whether they paid all this cash down; they borrowed, but their creditors trusted them because they knew that their financial situation was secure and that they were able to make regular, substantial earnings at the markets.”
     So says professor Georges Duby, whose book, “Rural Economy and Country Life in the Medieval West,” will tell you all you want to know about the economy of medieval Europe.
     Here is my question: If French peasants could get credit 700 years ago to free themselves from slavery, why can’t U.S. citizens who already are operating profitable businesses get credit today?
     You would think that 700 years of capitalism would have taught enough to the political and corporate lords who rule us today that they could do as well as a medieval French peasant.
     But that does not appear to be the case.
     I have another question.
     U.S. banks lost trillions of dollars, we are told, so we all have to pay $700 billion to help out the poor banks.
Where did that money go?
     If it was lost, shouldn’t we look for it?
     Sen. Bernie Sanders said last week that thanks to President Bush’s tax cuts, the 4,000 richest people in the United States increased their net worth by $680 billion in the past 7½ years.
     Wouldn’t that be a good place to look for the money the banks lost?
     I have another question.
     Twenty-five million U.S. registered voters are “undecided” who they will vote for in November, according to the latest Associated Press poll – 18% of the roughly 140 million registered voters. What, precisely, are these people undecided about?
     What are they waiting to find out?
     Whether Sarah Palin will be nailed for that triple homicide?
     Whether John McCain will spontaneously combust on Halloween?
     Final proof that Barack Obama is Venusian?
     If 25 million Americans do not know enough yet about Sens. Obama and McCain to decide which one of them to vote for, then, I suggest, these 25 million people are too stupid to be allowed to vote.
     Unless these 25 million people are in a coma. In which case they should be in Congress.
     I have another question.
     If John McCain picked Sarah Palin for his running mate because she is ostentatiously Christian, and she gets the Christians fired up, why is she the one who makes all the nastiest attacks? Is it because Christians are really good at slurs and innuendoes? Is that what Christians do best?
     And what about Matthew 6:5-7?
     I have another question.
     Homeland Security Emperor Michael Chertoff defended the construction of a 2,000-mile fence along the Mexican border by telling The Associated Press: “Illegal migrants really degrade the environment … and believe me, that is the worst thing you can do to the environment.”
     I am not making this up. Chertoff really said that.
     Here is my question: Why isn’t the Department of Homeland Security building enormous fences around Monsanto pesticide factories, ExxonMobil oil refineries, and Dow chemical plants?
     Why isn’t the Department of Homeland Security building an enormous fence around the White House? Oh, wait, it already did that. OK then, why isn’t it building one around Congress?
     If I have failed to insult other mass polluters, I apologize. I would like to insult all of you, but I don’t have the space. It’s just that I have so many questions …

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