9th Circuit Upholds|Ban on Soliciting at LAX

     (CN) – Hare Krishna followers and others can now be imprisoned or fined for soliciting donations at the Los Angeles International Airport, the 9th Circuit ruled, backing a long-unenforced city law banning all panhandling at the airport.

Members of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness could face up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine for soliciting donations from travelers walking through LAX terminals and parking lots, a 9th Circuit panel ruled, rejecting members’ request for a reconsideration of the city law, which has not been enforced for more than a dozen years.
     Officials can immediately begin cracking down on airport solicitors, the court ruled.
     The judges banned soliciting at LAX in early July, but that ruling was stayed after Krishna advocates filed a petition for rehearing.
     Soliciting became such a widespread problem that the airport specifically assigned police officers to find and cite the most aggressive donation-seekers.
     So far, 15 people have been cited for aggressive donation-seeking at LAX.

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