$6.6 Million Demand For Background Music

     MANHATTAN (CN) – TRF Music demands $6.6 million from A&E Television, Discovery, Fox, Disney, Lifetime Entertainment, Hearst, Amazon.com and others, claiming they violate copyright on more than 50,000 “music cues,” or background music.

     TRF, a music licensing firm, also sued the companies’ CEOs.
     Music cues, known to the public as background music, cover an enormous range of material. There is “car door slam” music, spooky music, ha-ha music, morning music, pretty-scene-in-a-field music, and on and on. Payment for each music cue is minimal but many of the cues are used over and over.
     Plaintiff demands $6.6 million and destruction of the infringing recordings.
     Lead defendant in Alan Ett Music Group.
     This 18-page federal complaint includes 84 pages of attachments.
     Plaintiff is represented by Alexander Peltz with Peltz & Walker.

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