4 Years for Selling |Bogus Medical Devices

     (CN) – A 69-year-old San Diego man was sentenced on Monday to four years and three months in federal prison for 26 felony counts of selling bogus, unapproved medical devices, even while on pretrial release. James Folsom reaped more than $8 million from the mini-shock gizmos he called “AstroPulse,” “NatureTronics” and other names, claiming they could cure everything from AIDS and diabetes to strokes and worms.

     Folsom sold his buzzers to distributors for $1,000 to $1,200 apiece, and to retail customers for $1,995. Prosecutors said the doodads “consisted of a micro-current frequency generator with a digital readout, two stainless steel cylinders, two personal application plates with connectors, and lead wires connecting the device to the cylinders and the plates. Users were provided with an operating manual that set forth hundreds of digital settings for the device, directed to specific conditions from AIDS, diabetes, strokes, and ulcers to worms.”
     He sold them without FDA approval or exemption and in violation of rules on lead (Pb) wires, voltage, branding and registration.

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