$324,000 Award |in Slip-and-Fall Case

     (CN) – A Madison County, Ill., jury awarded a couple $324,000 for a slip and fall at a convenience store – far short of the couple’s $2 million request for damages.

     John Linkes sued FKG Oil Co., the owner of an Edwardsville Moto Mart, after he fell on a recently mopped floor in March 2007. He and his wife, Linda, sought damages for medical costs, pain, loss of consortium, loss of normal life and punitive damages.
     During the trial, FKG president Robert Forsyth acknowledged that the company’s safety policies had not been followed. The Linkes’ attorney, Gordon Broom, asked the jury to punish FKG and suggested that $2 million would be appropriate.
     FKG’s attorney, Victor Avellino, argued that the company did not intend to injure Linke nor did it intend to disregard any safety measures. He said that even though FKG’s employees’ actions that day weren’t ideal, the actions did not show an evil state of mind.
     The jury awarded John Linkes $49,664.41 for medical costs; $150,000 for past and future pain; $75,000 for future medical costs; $50,000 for loss of a normal life and $50,000 in punitive damages. The jury awarded Linda Linkes $10,000 for the loss of her husband’s services in the past and in the future and $5,000 for lost society.

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