3 MPH Chase On Lawnmower Ends In Arrest

     VANCOUVER, WASH. (CN) – Officials are trying to decide whether they can prosecute a man for drunken driving on a lawnmower. Stephen Ray Castor, 53, was arrested last week after swerving through rush-hour traffic on a riding lawnmower.

     Police said Castor tried to evade them, led them on a 3 mph chase and nearly ran over an officer.
     Castor held onto the steering wheel so tightly that when police finally grabbed him by the shoulders, the lawnmower popped a wheelie, officials said.
     Police said the showdown came after Castor threw a lawn chair at a stranger’s house, breaking a window.
     Castor is being held in the Clark County Jail on $40,000 bail, charged with breaking the window and attempted assault of the police officer.
     Prosecutors are unsure whether drinking and driving a lawnmower is a crime. New Zealand authorities filed such charges against a 52-year-old man in February, in – believe it or not – a similar situation.

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