Mother Sues Walgreens Over Daughter’s Stabbing Death

(CN) – Six months after the niece of Grammy Award-winning rapper T-Pain was stabbed to death at work by an abusive boyfriend, her mother is suing Walgreens for not doing enough to protect her daughter.

In a complaint filed in the Leon County Circuit Court on Jan. 31, Jennifer Battles says her daughter, Javona Glover, was working in a Walgreens in Tallahassee, Florida on Aug. 30, 2016, when, Tavon Jackson, her ex-boyfriend and father of her two-year-old daughter, showed up at the store.

The two got into a heated argument, and during it, Jackson attacked Glover with a knife.

Battles says as defendant Eric Jeffries and other store employees looked on, Jackson stabbed Glover eight times, hitting a main artery. The 23-year-old died shortly after police arrived on scene.

Battles says Jeffries, the store manager, and Glover’s fellow employees did nothing to protect her daughter, did not seek to intervene in any way, and ultimately allowed Jackson to flee from the scene.

T-Pain, whose given name is Faheem Rashad Najm, is a Tallahassee native. His stage name stands for Tallahassee Pain.

After the murder of his niece, T-Pain took to twitter begging for information that would lead to Jackson’s apprehension.

“The police are still lookin for the coward ass nigga that just killed my niece at Walgreens in Tallahassee. If you got info pls help us out!,” he wrote.

The lawsuit claims that there was confusion following the attack and a delay in calling 911.

The complaint also says that Glover’s manager and co-workers knew Jackson was “violent, aggressive and threatening towards” her, and should have done more to protect her when he showed up at the drugstore the morning of the attack.

Her co-workers also knew that Jackson had called Glover several times that morning, both on her cell phone and the store phone, and that she had repeatedly refused to speak with him.

Battles seeks unspecified damages on claims of wrongful death, negligent supervision and training, and negligent failure to provide employees with a safe workplace.

She is represented by Carrie Mendrick Roane of Barrett, Fasig & Brooks in Tallahassee.

A representative of Walgreens declined to comment on the case citing the pending nature of the litigation.

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