$2 Million Demand For Flight On The John

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Gokhan Mutlu demands $2 million from Jetblue Airways, claiming a pilot made him sit on the john for most of a cross-country flight because a flight attendant wanted his seat.

     Mutlu was traveling on a “body pass,” (sic – apparently, buddy pass) a standby voucher that JetBlue employees can give to friends. He says he sat on a flight attendant’s jump seat for the first half of the flight from San Diego to New York, then the pilot told him he couldn’t sit there, so he was told to go “hang out” in the bathroom.
     Mutlu says he did this, though it obeying the order made him “embarrassed, humiliated, mortified, disgraced, and degraded.” He says his seat in there had no seat belt, in violation of federal law.
     He demands damages for discrimination, constitutional violations, emotional distress and violations of air safety laws. He is represented by Zafer Akin in New York County Court.

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