18 States Saw Sharp |Job Gains in June

     (CN) – Eighteen states saw significant job gains in June, but the unemployment rate rose in six others, the Labor Department announced Friday.
     According to the department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in 21 states is now well below the national figure of 4.9 percent, while it’s higher in 14 states.
     In Colorado, the rate jumped 0.4 point from May to a still-low 3.7 percent as more of its population began looking for work without being hired, a positive for the economy as it suggests greater optimism that these people will find jobs.
     Similarly, Nevada and Oregon each saw a 0.3 percent increase, while rates went up 0.2 points in California, Maine and South Dakota.
     South Dakota had the nation’s lowest unemployment rate in June, at 2.7 percent, followed by New Hampshire, at 2.8 percent. Alaska had the highest unemployment rate at 6.7 percent.
     Many places with very low unemployment rates have smaller populations. Hawaii boasts an unemployment rate of 3.3 percent, while Idaho is at 3.7 percent.
     Other states with a deeper pool of educated workers also have lower jobless rates. These include Minnesota ( 3.8 percent) and Virginia (3.7 percent).

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