Recall Trial for Norfolk Treasurer Delayed

NORFOLK, Va. (CN) – Norfolk City Treasurer Anthony Burfoot’s was granted a delay of his recall trial on Friday due to scheduling conflicts between his attorney and the judge presiding over the case.

Attorney Ronald Batliner Jr. said he is eager to continue the recall trial  and wants it scheduled as soon as possible due to the dwindling time before Burfoot’s sentencing.  Burfoot of public corruption charges in December and will be sentenced  in federal court on April 17.

However, Batliner and his clients, the disgruntled Norfolk citizens who organized the petition to recall Burfoot, will have to wait until March 17, for the second hearing on the matter.

Burfoot’s attorney Andrew Sacks argued for a dismissal of the case, but his motion was denied.

Sacks then urged the court to consider that Burfoot is still in the appeals process and that, “to remove someone who is elected by the public we need to be assured that the process is fair from the beginning.”

Batliner pointed out that Burfoot is restricted in his capacities as treasurer and a citizen.

“The bond order restrains and restricts his abilities of free speech as he cannot speak with members of his own office who testified against him, he cannot travel, own a gun or even drink alcohol,” Batliner said.

The court gave Sacks until Jan. 20 to file additional motions in the case. Batliner will then have until Jan.27 to respond.

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