Distressing Allegations in Lurid Lawsuit

     CHICAGO (CN) - In a federal lawsuit with vile and lurid allegations, a man claims his 8-year-old daughter was forced to perform fellatio on a Chicago businessman, under the instruction of her mother, who is serving 16 years in prison for it.
     Dana Rodden sued Paul Jenkins in Federal Court, on behalf of Rodden's 8-year-old daughter, N.R.
     Jenkins is CEO of two Chicago-based companies, Geo. Bankcroft Architects and Engineers and Veteran Beer Company, according to the lawsuit.
     Jenkins is a disabled Navy veteran who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served in the military for 14 years, according to the Veteran Beer Company website, checked this morning. According to his LinkedIn profile, he also was a director at the Chicago Police Department.
     Rodden claims in the lawsuit: "On May 25, 2012, N.R., a minor, admitted to an adult that she and her mother, Emily, had 'private time' during which they had intimate contact.
     "While the 'private time' occurred, Emily was involved in sexual acts with defendant Jenkins.
     "On May 28, 2012, a social worker (CSW), Jacqueline Hall, at Stuart House in
     Los Angeles, CA, interviewed N.R. and learned that Emily, an experienced 'submissive', taught N.R. how to use a vibrator, performed cunnilingus on her repeatedly, and taught her to perform fellatio on defendant Jenkins.
     "Ms. Hall also learned that defendant Jenkins forced N.R. to perform fellatio on him several times.
     "N.R. told the CSW that she did not like the fellatio: the defendant's 'pee pee' was too big and 'slimy.'
     "Sexual games between Emily, N.R. and the defendant happened many times."
     Rodden, N.R. and her mother were living in California at the time, according to the lawsuit. N.R.'s mother Emily pleaded guilty to oral copulation of a minor, and is serving a 16-year prison sentence in California, Rodden says in the complaint.
     He claims that Jenkins "returned to Chicago and is continuing to serve as CEO for two companies: the Veteran Beer Company and Geo. Bancroft Architects and Engineers."
     The lawsuit continues: "By reason of the above-described acts of defendant, N.R. sustained injuries, humiliation, and indignities, and suffered great mental and emotional pain. She will suffer trauma from defendant's conduct for the rest of her life."
     Rodden seeks punitive damages of at least $10 million for assault, battery, emotional distress and negligence.
     He is represented by Scott Kamin.