Doctor Says Police Chief Cuckolded Him

     SHERMAN, Texas (CN) - A Texas police chief fathered a child with his mistress and had her husband arrested on bogus domestic abuse charges, the cuckolded doctor claims in court.
     Dr. Glen Hurlston sued the city of Princeton, its former Police Chief Jeffrey Barnett, police Lt. Robert Mitchnik, the City of Kyle and other unnamed Princeton cops, in Federal Court.
     Hurlston claims his wife, Suzanne Hurlston, and Barnett had an affair for several years.
     "In the course of that relationship, she bore Jeffrey Barnett a child, who at various times she fraudulently represented to be the son of Dr. Glen Hurlston," the complaint states.
     During Barnett's fling with his wife, the police chief targeted him for harassment, Hurlston claims in the lawsuit.
     "This campaign of harassment continued on January 1, 2012, when Dr. Hurlston was arrested by Lieutenant Mitchnik and other representatives of the Princeton Police Department and was charged without substantial evidence with the crime of domestic abuse battery, a felony crime," the complaint states. (graph 4)
     Hurlston claims the arresting officers knew about Barnett's affair with his wife.
     "When they arrested Dr. Hurlston, they did so for the private benefit of Suzanne Hurlston based on their private relationship with her and ... on instructions from former chief Jeffery Barnett," the complaint states. "This investigation was performed in such a slipshod and careless manner as to shock the conscience ..."
     Despite the "slipshod" investigation and his own innocence, Hurlston says in the complaint, he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor domestic abuse.
     But that didn't stop the harassment, Hurlston claims.
     "The harassment of Dr. Hurlston continued for the following year," he says in the lawsuit. "He was at one point threatened by city police officials of the City of Princeton with further arrests for telephone and/or texting harassment of Mrs. Hurlston and her new adulterous boyfriend ..."
     Hurlston claims that since his wife's affair with Barnett he has tried to work it out with her, and even paid for her to attend photography school in Paris, France.
     Since Barnett resigned as Princeton's top cop to take over as police chief of Kyle, Texas in 2011, Hurlston says, Princeton's cops have continued to harass him.
     "Throughout these proceedings, Dr. Hurlston received numerous threats from the Princeton County Police Department saying he would be arrested if he 'showed his face' in Collin County, making it difficult for him to exercise his rights of visitation," Hurlston says in the complaint.
     He seeks punitive damages for civil rights violations.
     He is represented by James Doyle of Lake Charles, La.
     Barnett did not reply to a request for comment.