Yo, Flo, Where's the Million Dollars?

     LAS VEGAS (CN) - A promoter claims in court that rapper Flo Rida's touring company refuses to return the $1 million advance it promised to repay after it was found that his concert attendance numbers had been inflated.
     Brandon Deriso dba Forever Music sued Strong Arm Touring and Off the Menu Entertainment, in Federal Court.
     Strong Arm "is one of the business entities owned and used by music artist Flo Rida, aka Tramar Dillard, a Florida resident," according to the complaint.
     Forever claims it paid Off the Menu, "acting as agent for Strong Arm Touring," a $1 million advance to book the rapper for a 10-concert tour.
     Forever claims Off the Menu required use of its own contract, which demanded that the $1 million be sent to its "officer Richard Spears," which Forever did.
     Spears is not a party to the complaint.
     "The contract deposit amount was based, in part, on representations by Richard Spears of Flo Rida's concert attendance numbers, which were later determined to be erroneously inflated," the complaint states. "When this issue was brought to Off the Menu Entertainment, Inc.'s attention, Richard Spears unilaterally canceled the agreement.
     "Richard Spears, on behalf of Off the Menu Entertainment, Inc., drafted an executed an agreement ('Spears agreement') promising to repay Forever Music the entire $1,000,000.00 deposit no later than Dec. 8, 2012. That date passed without payment."
     Forever wants its $1 million back and costs and damages for breach of contract.
     It is represented by Roger Doyle, with Fahrendorfm Viloria, Oliphant & Oster, of Reno.