A Full-Service Business

     HOUSTON (CN) - A salesman claims in court that his boss fired him for refusing to take clients to strip clubs for sex, snapping at him, "I told you to get your customers bred."
     Michael Vackar sued Sentry Supply Inc. dba Superior Supply & Steel, in Harris County Court.
     Vackar claims that due to his more than 30 years as a successful steel salesman Superior Supply hired him as an account manager in January "to do what he does best: sell steel."
     Not long after Vackar was hired, he says, Superior Steel hired Bill Kotcher as vice president of its Houston fittings division.
     "Kotcher instructed Vackar and other sales co-workers to take existing and potential customers to strip clubs to obtain sexual favors from ladies working as 'dancers' at the clubs," the complaint states.
     "Though initially Vackar attempted to ignore these directions, Kotcher became more insistent and told Vackar explicitly to take his customers to 'strip clubs and titty bars, like Treasures.'
     "Kotcher implied that Vackar should pay for the customers to be given certain sexual favors from the dancers.
     "Kotcher also mentioned on more than one occasion to Vackar that 'once you bring a customer to a place that has cameras, you have a customer for life.'"
     Kotcher is not a party to the complaint.
     Vackar says Kotcher instructed him to "pad the Superior Steel expense reports in order to obtain the necessary cash for these illicit ventures."
     Offended by the requests, Vackar says, he told Kotcher they were inappropriate.
     "Kotcher's insistence continued until March 16, 2012, when he, Vackar, and another employee attended a sales meeting," the complaint states. "Kotcher commenced the meeting by stating that sales within the new Houston division were not as good as Superior Steel had projected and then immediately turned again to the issue of obtaining sexual favors for customers.
     "This time Kotcher was even more explicit. He told Vackar: 'I don't want you coming in here with $1,000 receipts from strip clubs, but you gotta do what you gotta do.'
     "Vackar continued to object until, near the close of the meeting, Kotcher exploded angrily at Vackar and told him in no uncertain terms: 'I told you to get your customers bred.'
     "Shocked, Vackar responded that his customers were not 'into that.'
     "Vackar also told Kotcher: 'I'm not going to take customers to whorehouses and get them involved with hookers. They are family men and it's not right.'
     "Kotcher then departed the meeting in a huff and said nothing further to Vackar on the issue."
     Superior Steel fired him a week later, Vackar says, on the pretext that he included improper items on his expense report.
     Vackar claims that under Texas law one can be fined $4,000 and put in jail for a year for soliciting "another to engage in sexual conduct with another for compensation."
     He seeks front and back pay and damages for wrongful termination.
     He is represented by John Ghezzi, of The Woodlands.