Inside Trading

     Richard A. Hansen, former chairman of Keystone Equities Group, tipped a friend, co-defendant Stuart Kobrovsky, to inside information on targets of corporate acquisitions and the two men made $215,345 by trading on the inside information, the SEC claims in Philadelphia Federal Court.

Consumer Class Actions

     Olympus markets its Stylus 1030 SW and Olympus Stylus 850 SW cameras as waterproof and shockproof, but they are not, according to a class action in Sacramento Federal Court.
     Millennium Products pushes its GT's Organic Raw Kombucha and Synergy drinks with unsubstantiated claims, and without warning of the dangers of kombucha, a class action claims in Los Angeles Federal Court.


     FedEx Ground Package System misclassifies its drivers as independent contractors to duck labor laws, a class action claims in Burlington, Vt., Federal Court.


     Ian Halperin, author of "Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson," seeks arbitration of a dispute with Transit Publishing, in Montreal Superior Court.

Shareholder Class Action

     L-1 Identity Solutions is selling itself too cheaply through an unfair process to Safran and Laser Acquisition Sub, for $12 a share or $1.6 billion, shareholders claim in Stamford, Conn., Superior Court.

Clean Air Act

     Murphy Oil USA violates the Clean Air Act at its refineries in Superior, Wisc., and Meraux, La., the states and federal government claim in Madison, Wisc., Federal Court.


     Fluor Enterprises stiffs workers for overtime, according to a class action in San Francisco Federal Court.


     The California Department of Transportation threatened giant redwoods in Richardson Grove State Park by approving a 1-mile-long highway widening project, the Environmental Protection Information Center and other groups and individuals claim in San Francisco Federal Court.

Medical Care

     The ACLU claims the Indian Health Service has failed for years to provide obstetric and other medical care to the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, forcing residents to drive 90 miles for care, in Manhattan Federal Court.

Who is the Moondog?

     A man sued the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Quicken Loans Arena to discover the identity of the NBA team's mascot, Moondog, who allegedly struck his arm to make him drop a sign, rupturing a tendon in the process, in Cuyahoga County Court.

'Smart' Meters

     Silver Spring Networks installed defective "smart" electricity meters that made homeowners' bills jump by as much as 729 percent, a class action claims in San Mateo County Court.

Manny Pacquiao

     Grant Boxing claims it developed and owns the "Punchy" logo and trademark, and that boxer Manny Pacquiao is using it to sell clothing and promote his bouts, in Manhattan Federal Court. It also sued Top Rank.